Gencor Offering Innovative Probiotic Stabilization Technology

Gencor is entering the US probiotics market as exclusive agent for a new, patented technology that maintains product stability under extreme conditions, allowing for a wide range of applications.

The technology, called Intelicaps®, embeds probiotics in a nourishing matrix of microspheres. At the same time, due to layer-by-layer coating, the probiotics are protected against environmental impacts and benefit from long-lasting stabilization. The microcapsules resist low pH levels, making it possible for them to pass through the stomach without opening, and deliver the viable probiotics directly to the intestine, which is the target organ.

 “Previously, probiotics existed in only one formulation – lyophilized probiotics in powder form. But the Intelicaps technology makes possible numerous formulations, including simple tablets and chewables, as well as safe combinations with substances such as zinc, citrate and Vitamin C,” said Jith Veeravalli, president of Gencor. “Additionally, the fermented strains may be used in production like a traditional ingredient, without significant reduction in quality.”

Developed by Belgium pharmaceutical company Vesale Pharma, the Intelicaps technology is designed to address the problem of the low viability of probiotics. Probiotics are intended to colonize the human intestine in large numbers, and therefore their survival rate is essential for an effect on health. Lyophilized probiotics are delicate organisms whose viability is influenced by factors such as pH, humidity, heat, temperature fluctuations and exposure to oxygen. 

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