Gencor Launches Libifem, the Natural Answer to Female Loss of Libido

Gencor, a leading supplier of herbal extracts designed to improve quality of life for consumers in a broad range of life stages, has introduced Libifem, a standardized fenugreek extract clinically proven to promote a woman’s healthy libido, sexual vitality and desire.

Loss of libido affects one in every four women, but there are no approved medical treatments. Because the female sex drive is based on many factors – both physical and emotional – it can be difficult to define and restore. Libifem can be key to helping restore a woman’s normal sexual desire and function.

The results of a randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted by researchers in Brisbane, Australia, demonstrated that Libifem has a positive effect on enhancing libido in healthy menstruating women. The trial was conducted on 80 women aged 21 to 49, with low libido and who identified themselves as in stable relationships.  Sexual functioning was measured using the validated Derogatis Interview for Sexual Functioning DISF-SR (Female) index.  Positive changes were observed for both physiological and psychosocial aspects, including sexual cognition, arousal, experience, orgasm, and drive, and were accompanied by a reduction in perceived fatigue levels.

“The proven efficacy of Libifem represents a true breakthrough to female low libido,” said Jith Veeravalli, president of Gencor. “Low libido has real and sometimes devastating effects – including depression, relationship difficulties, separation, and divorce. These factors led Gencor to bring this issue out into the open and develop an ingredient that can safely and naturally restore a woman’s healthy sexual vitality.”

Libifem is an extract of Fenugreek, a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction, standardized to Fenuside™, Gencor’s trade name for a group of furostanol saponins. Fenugreek extracts have a long history of safe use.

Libifem is easy to use in product formulations. It is available for delivery in powders, soft gels, and tablets.

About Gencor Nutrients, Inc.
Gencor Nutrients, Inc. supplies value-added, science-driven ingredients that are designed to improve quality of life for consumers in a broad range of life stages. Rooted in Ayurvedic tradition, Gencor specializes in herbal extracts manufactured under GMP compliance. Gencor markets specialized ingredients in over 32 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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