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Nutraingredients article: "How to take the sleaze out of libido products"
April 23, 2016

How to take the sleaze out of libido supplements

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn+ , 22-Apr-2016

The market for male libido supplements dwarfs that for women – but positioning products as healthy ageing supplements may help shake the sleaze from this niche segment, says one bawdy botanical supplier.   More ›

Antioxidants: Pro or Anti?
July 17, 2015

Life, and ageing, used to be so simple. Findings that older organisms, from helminths to mice to men, tend to generate more free radicals in their cells (specifically, in their mitochondria), and show more signs of oxidative damage, gave rise to the Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Ageing. This iconic theory, otherwise known as MFRTA, has been around in various versions since the mid-sixties (Harman ’66); and it has been used to sell tons of antioxidant supplements. Unfortunately, like so many other 60’s icons, MFRTA has not worn well, and in the last few years we have seen a steady stream of experimental findings that have left it, by now, fatally wounded.   More ›

Gencor Hosts Education Seminar at Engredea!
March 4, 2015

“Male sexuality is under threat. Sperm counts are falling, and so are testosterone levels. This degrades male libido and drive, and increases all-cause mortality.”   More ›

Do You Want Fries With That? (Or Polyphenols?)
March 4, 2015

Several previous studies have found that eating meat cooked at high temperatures is a risk factor for prostate and other cancers. A new piece of research carried out at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle finds that consuming deep-fried foods such as French fries, fried chicken and doughnuts more than once a week appears to raise the risk of prostate cancer by around a third – and the effect seems to be slightly stronger with regard to more aggressive forms of the disease (Stott-Miller et al ‘14). Likely mechanisms involve the formation, at high cooking temperatures, of known carcinogens including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocylic amines, acrylamide and other noxious compounds; which implies that these same foods will raise breast cancer risk in women.   More ›

Slimaluma® receives FDA GRAS status
October 2, 2014

Slimaluma, a patented extract of Caralluma fimbriata offered by Gencor, has received notification from the ­Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of no objection to it being considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use in meal replacement products.   More ›

Validated, Natural Weight Management Tools
September 25, 2014

The appetite suppressing effects of Slimaluma are well documented.   More ›

Gencor’s Slimaluma® receives FDA acknowledgment of GRAS status
September 10, 2014

Slimaluma, a patented extract of Caralluma fimbriata offered by Gencor, has received notification from the ¬Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of no objection to it being considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use in meal replacement products.   More ›

Gencor and Radient Technologies Announce Partnership to Develop High-Value Natural Compounds
June 9, 2014

Radient Technologies Inc., an innovator in the extraction of natural ingredients from natural biomass, and Gencor, a leading, worldwide supplier of science-driven herbal extracts, today announced a partnership to develop high-value natural compounds for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and other niche industries.   More ›

A New and Clinically Tested Ingredient for Low Sexual Desire in Women
February 20, 2014

Libifem is a new and natural option to support healthy levels of sexual desire.* It is an extract of fenugreek, a traditional culinary herb, standardised to furostanol saponins.   More ›

ActivAMP – To Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle?
February 20, 2014

ActivAMP is a tool we can use to help activate the profound energy switching enzyme AMPK, and replicate the metabolic and health benefits of exercise.* It also clearly has a role in sports and athletics, where its ability to improve muscle fitness is creating intense interest in professional circles*. ActivAMP is being launched by Gencor this year.   More ›

Libifem Wins Innovation Award
July 24, 2013

Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) selected Gencor’s Libifem as a Finalist in the Most Innovative Ingredient category. The award was presented at VitaFoods Europe on May 14-16, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.   More ›

Sidestepping Sarcopenia: Avoiding the Loss of Muscle Mass
July 16, 2013

From early middle age on, most of us lose muscle mass. It’s not inevitable – a very physically active lifestyle can delay or prevent this – but people who are physically inactive lose up to 5% of their muscle mass per decade from age 30.   More ›

Gencor Offering Innovative Probiotic Stabilization Technology
July 15, 2013

Gencor is entering the US probiotics market as exclusive agent for a new, patented technology that maintains product stability under extreme conditions, allowing for a wide range of applications.   More ›

Hunger Buster Slimaluma Gets Safety Nod
July 1, 2013

A newly released compilation of toxicological studies further supports the safety of Slimaluma.   More ›

Gencor’s Libifem named NBT award finalist
April 30, 2013

Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) has selected Gencor’s Libifem as a finalist in the Most Innovative Ingredient category.   More ›

New study: Indian herb may reduce waistline
April 25, 2013

Caralluma fimbriata extract may aid in slimming the waist, according to new research.   More ›

Libifem Awarded “Most Novel Ingredient” at Natural Products Expo West Trade Show
March 9, 2013

Libifem is taking center stage as winner of the Functional Ingredient’s Editor’s Choice Award.   More ›

Gencor Launches Libifem, the Natural Answer to Female Loss of Libido
March 4, 2013

Gencor, a leading supplier of herbal extracts designed to improve quality of life for consumers in a broad range of life stages, has introduced Libifem.   More ›

Introducing Libifem: The Natural Answer to Female Loss of Libido
March 1, 2013

Loss of libido affects one in every four women. But despite its prevalence, there are no approved medical treatments. Now, Gencor is pleased to offer Libifem, which can help restore a woman’s normal sexual desire and function.   More ›

Resolve to Dissolve: Slimaluma found to suppress appetite and inhibit the formation of new fat cells
February 14, 2013

With over half of all adults now overweight or obese, losing weight is one of the most common goals.   More ›

Introducing the New Look of Gencor
November 1, 2012

Gencor Nutrients, Inc. is unveiling an updated brand identity, including new marketing and sales collateral, advertising, public relations and a dynamic web presence for its line of branded ingredients, including Slimaluma®, Testofen®, Genopause® and Gencinia®.    More ›

Especially for men: Increasing muscle mass and physical performance
October 25, 2012

There are many hundreds of exercise regimens to choose from that promise to increase muscle mass. But one I particularly like is called The Peak 8 regime.   More ›

Gencor Launches New Website
September 10, 2012

Gencor Nutrients, Inc. announced the launch of its newly designed website at, which allows users to experience all the award-winning ingredients, technology, innovation and people that make up Gencor.   More ›

Nature's Answer to Support Post-menopausal Women
July 9, 2012

Gencor's product Genopause featured in NBT.   View the PDF ›

Gencor Taps Integrated Marketing Group for Results-Driven Marketing, PR
April 23, 2012

Gencor Nutrients, widely known for its specialty nutraceutical ingredients backed by clinical trials and thorough scientific research, has hired Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) to further its marketing and public relations efforts.   More ›

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